Organization and School Sites

International Association for the Study of Dreams
Jeremy is a founding member and past president of the Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD). Here you'll find info on the organization and on their two publications: Dream Time, a newsletter and The Journal Dreaming, a professional journal. Also, info on joining, on conferences, and so forth. The association is well worth joining for its publications and conferences and the chance to meet others on the dream journey.

Chaplaincy Institute for Interfaith and Arts Ministry
Formal training in dream work (among other things), leading to commissioning as an Interfaith Chaplain, (and/or ordination as an Interfaith Minister), with a specialization in dream work can now be found through the Chaplaincy Institute for Interfaith and Arts Ministry, (affectionately known as "ChI").

Lucidity Institute
Guide to this fascinating area of dream research, primarily through the work of Stephen LeBerge, pioneer in lucidty research.

Healing Dreams
Writer Marc Barash's site. Marc is a friend, fine writer, and courageous explorer.

Electric Dreams
A premier dream resource site published by Richard Wilkerson. Between this site and Dreamtree you'll have all the resources you ever need! This address gets you to all his resources including Electric Dreams, a growing collection of annotated links to groups involved in dream sharing, online ezines, dream and sleep science research, dream anthropology and sociology, lucid dreaming and shamanism, Jung, Freud, dreams and film, dream inspired art galleries, personal journals, dream software, and a cyber-dream library, which is an attempt to organize material online for those interested in learning more about dreams, dreaming and dream events. An astounding resource.

Peggy Coates and Richard collaborate on bringing fantastic resources to the net. This magnificent site gives you the Global Dreaming News, published by DreamGate and directed by Peggy of DreamTree. Here, among many other things, you can get the monthly supplement to Electric Dreams (see which contains the latest scoop on dreams, new web sites, programs, seminars, conferences, reviews and much, much more. On top of all this it is a feast for the eyes - a beautiful site.

Dr. Linton Hutchison has put together a very dynamic, interactive site about dreams and dreamwork. There are 21 different areas to this site, including a BBS, lots of links and other resources, and DreamLynx interns ready to help you translate your dreams.

Dream Network: A Journal Exploring Dreams and Mythology
This pioneering journal encourages individual and cultural appreciation of the value of dreams. Offers many perspectives on dreams, including the non-academic. A delightful forum for diverse voices. Editor Roberta Ossana has faithfully nurtured and carefully refined the old Dream Network Bulletin into an exciting and eclectic journal.

TeleDream GroupPage
Weekly dream groups available by phone, Mondays, 8-10 Eastern time. Check it out!
Friends & Fellow Dream Workers

Aimee Breslow
Aimee is based in Washington, DC and offers workshops and classes throughout the United States. She works with individuals, couples and groups in-person, by phone and on-line. You can visit her website or contact Aimee at

Brenda Ferrimani
Brenda is a painter of dreams. Her surreal images provoke the imagination and cause us to contemplate the meanings behind our nightly excursions through the unconscious. Brenda's dream paintings are regularly featured on the cover of Dreamtime and Dream Network magazines. Her website features her artwork, published articles and Online Store.

Robyn Hubbard
Robyn offers an embodied and movement-based experiential component to her individual and group work with dreams. She is based in Roaring Fork Valley/Aspen area of Colorado and offers individual sessions and workshops both locally and beyond. Phone and SKYPE sessions also available. Contact Robyn at

Kelly Sands O'Leary
Kelly's passion for facilitating dream work is infectious. Her intuitive ability to work with dreams coupled with her enthusiasm makes for exciting and transformative dream work. She is based in Berkeley, CA and offers group workshops, as well as individual appointments in-person and over SKYPE. Contact her at

Billie Ortiz
Billie offers many dream related workshops in the Colorado area, including several each year with Jeremy. You can go to her website or contact her at

Tristy Taylor
Tristy offers workshops in dreams and the arts, as well as dream groups and interfaith pastoral counseling. She is a founder of the Church of Craft, through which she connects spirituality and the work of our hands. She is based in Petaluma, CA.

Please email your recommendations here, but understand this is intended to be a small selection of sites, not a comprehensive list of links. If you find a broken link, please let us know.